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Tulsa Masonry and Brickwork Construction Information, Ideas and Suggestions

How Patios Can Become An Asset To Your Home

February 3, 2020

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a place where lots of residents hire brick contractors and opt for all sorts of masonry services so they can have more functional home improvements that add value as well. Now, the backyard brick patio is one of the most preferred items that people prefer to add to their home. Here are just some of the reasons why:

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3 Useful Tips On How To Match Mortars With Bricks

January 10, 2020

Masonry repair is considered to be one of the most important services needed by homeowners living in cities such as Tulsa. The reason for this is that regardless of the quality of materials used in a structure’s development, it is bound to be damaged as time passes by. Of course, the strain of being exposed to different kinds of weather throughout the years would eventually pile up and contribute to the deterioration of your property, specifically your walls. And if this happens, you would have to contact a home improvement company near you to work on your damaged structure.

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A Look at Famous Brick Buildings

December 6, 2019

As a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma, do you ever wonder about the limits of brick architecture whenever you avail yourself of related services like masonry repair? Brick is such a popular building material in the city, and there’s bound to be a house or two in every neighborhood built with it. It’s the same with many regions all across the entire world. After all, brick is a strong and long-lasting material, and everyone desires the sturdiness and longevity it introduces to a building. Read More

Increasing Home Value with Masonry

November 10, 2019

Various types of services such as masonry repair are highly popular in areas like that of Tulsa, Oklahoma today. This is because people are now paying attention to the appreciation of their property’s value more than ever, and these types of work contribute greatly in its increase. And this is especially true if you’re planning to make use of long-lasting building materials such as bricks, concrete, or stones in an effort to reinforce your home’s overall worth. Read More

Natural Vs. Manufactured Stone

October 9, 2019

Natural stone vs manufactured stone. This has been one of the most debated topics in the construction industry for a while now. Ask masonry repair specialists around Tulsa and they might provide you with varying answers. Brick 1 Masonry aims to shed light on this topic to give clients the clarity that they deserve. Exactly which of the two is superior? Well, let’s dig deeper.

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Patio Ideas for Your Home in Tulsa

September 2, 2019

Whether it’s for a masonry repair or new construction, hiring professionals to work on your property is the best way to get the results you want. This is especially true for those living in Tulsa, Oklahoma where many high-quality companies are based. With their credentials, years in service, and depth of experience, you can be confident that everything they do will go your way. Read More

Types of Mortar Pt. 1

August 1, 2019

Masonry has long been a fundamental component of construction. From the time we learn to stack sticks on top of each other to the moment we discovered more complex and durable materials such as brick and mortar which in turn also produced masonry repair in Tulsa and all over the world.

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All About Stone Masonry

July 10, 2019

Companies that do any masonry repair in places like Tulsa know that stone masonry has always been around as an approach to construction ever since the ancient civilizations. Most practices from before have long been replaced by more modern and therefore more convenient approaches, and yet stone still prevails. That’s a feat worth looking into: why is stone masonry a preferred style of construction by many, even until now? Read More

The Face-off: Brick VS Stucco

June 11, 2019

Brick? Or stucco? Since brick and stucco are two of the most common building materials, homeowners would eventually have to choose between them when having a house built or renovated. And that choice certainly isn’t that easy to make. So, before going for masonry repair for your Tulsa residence or any type of masonry work, it’s better if you already know which one to pick since that’s going to make your life a lot easier. Read More

Different Types of Retaining Walls and Their Uses

May 10, 2019

Retaining walls — they're arguably one of the most complex and gripping types of structures that any expert who also does masonry repair in places like Tulsa can work on. A retaining wall's impact on a property extends to both its functional and aesthetic aspects, and it's understandable to presume how this impact is so great that everything inside one's property would work or look differently altogether with it versus without.

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Intro to the Most Common Types of Natural Stone

April 12, 2019

Finding the right people to do your masonry repair in Tulsa can be a bit troublesome, especially if you’re not sure what kind of material would best suit your house, or what needs to be used for the repairs in your home. If you neglect finding out about the types of materials used in masonry work, then you risk having complications with the people you’re going to hire. Read More

How Concrete Blocks Are Made

March 16, 2019

Brick contractors in places like Tulsa, OK use a wide variety of materials during builds. Depending on the client’s request or the contractors’ discretion, the material may range from stone to concrete blocks. The former we already know that it’s a natural resource. But how about the latter, do you know enough about concrete blocks aside from its application? Do you know how concrete blocks are made? Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Stucco

February 21, 2019

Stucco is a common finish for most home constructions and can be vital not only for a house’s overall look but also for its protection. But since it is known to need the personal touch of a professional, the decision in finding someone to properly do your stucco in Tulsa, OK needs a lot of consideration. The question is: How can you do that if you’re still asking, “What is it anyway? What is it made of?”

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Latest Brick Patterns for Your Walkway this 2019

January 18, 2019

Let’s talk about walkways. Whenever we talk about a homeowner’s property, rarely does the word walkway ever get mentioned. Why? Well, there’s nothing much to talk about it other than it’s made of concrete or stone slabs that guide people to the entrance of the home. But, is it really all there is to walkways? You, as a homeowner, might not notice it too, but your walkway can actually boost the appeal of your home. In fact, there are brick contractors in Tulsa, OK who can create a walkway that can accent the beauty of your home and captivate visitors before they even enter the abode. And yes, dear reader, if you’re thinking that that concrete walkway you have will no longer make the cut, you’re not mistaken. It’s time to shift to bricks or stone, and explore some of the most awe-spiring brick patterns you may consider for your walkway design: Read More

Solid Vs. Veneer Masonry: The Pros And Cons

December 21, 2018

Brick contractors, not only in Tulsa, OK, but all around the world would agree that masonry work is a type of construction that is lauded in its beauty and stability. Masonry these days have evolved from the masonry we knew back in ancient times. Nowadays, the technicalities that come with masonry cannot be denied. But for readers like you, it all boils down to business: What’s the better choice? And so we’re providing you with the pros and cons of two of the basic types of constructing masonry brick walls, so you can have a better grasp of what type of application is better suited for your home. Read More

Wood VS Masonry: Why The Latter is More Beneficial For You and Your Wallet!

November 16, 2018

With the high prices taking their toll on American citizens these days, it’s common to see people opting NOT to hire a masonry contractor for their homes and instead, settle for the usual general contractor. It’s totally understandable to go for the more convenient option. But what most people do not see are the benefits that one can get when hiring a masonry specialist, both for construction and masonry repair in places like Tulsa as well as in other areas across the country. There are numerous advantages of hiring one for your home, and here are the top 5 reasons why you should do it: Read More

Wear – Tear – Repair: Different Methods of Masonry Repair in Places like Tulsa

October 19, 2018

Masonry repair, not only in Tulsa but also in different places all around the country, has become more and more sophisticated throughout the years. Gone are the days when masonry workers had to overhaul the whole affected segment when it deteriorates. Nowadays, contractors use well-researched strategies to repair and restore existing brick and stone structures without having to demolish it in place of a new one. These methods help save more money and time. Read More

Building Contemporary Designs with Bricks

September 20, 2018

Before telling you how you can take advantage of hiring brick contractors, whether you’re in Tulsa, OK or anywhere in the world, to give life to the contemporary design of your dreams, you must first understand what a contemporary design is. The word “contemporary” means modern or current and since contemporary designs evolve with time, it may not always look the same as it did 20 years ago. So, if you want your home to stay at the top of the game today, make sure that you’re updated on all the modern designs we have today!

How do you use bricks to build a contemporary design?

Easy, hire brick contractors from Tulsa, OK or other local trusted brick contractors near you to discuss how you can incorporate bricks into your design to create a modern look. However, if you want to have an idea on which designs look best, take a look at some of these designs:

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Qualities of Good Bricks

August 13, 2018

When it comes to brick contractors in Tulsa, OK, they would always tell you that the structure of a brick is vital for  a proper and sound build. One cannot simply mold any clay material straight from the ground and use it as a building material. Similar to that of other building components, the “that will do” mentality would never cut it. If you want a sound structure and secure the inhabitants’ safety, then you have to choose materials that are of high quality. Bricks are no exception; in fact, brick manufacturers have to abide by safety standards implemented on a nationwide level. If they fail to meet the requirements, they are not qualified for distribution.

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Taking Care of Your Brick Walls

July 10, 2018

Everybody’s seen brick walls at some point in their lives. Some have it at home – either as part of their traditional home or as a fancy element of a more modern home. And some places use brick walls in public places to give the area a more charming look while some historical places endeavor to preserve ancient brick walls. To do this, people hire brick contractors to do the work in Tulsa, OK or wherever they may be. Read More

A Historical Look at the Humble Brick

June 7, 2018

Have you ever witnessed masonry contractors in Tulsa, OK work on a building with the use of bricks? Has it ever come to mind how exactly the brick has come to be? Maybe not, right? It’s not every day that we see beyond the beauty of the brickwork itself. The mere look of a completed brick wall is enough to make one appreciate it already. It’s so iconic, in fact, that a lot of people, not only in our country but also with the rest of the world, are still using bricks for construction. The young generation, in particular, rediscovered the beauty of bricks and are now seen buying bricks for their walls and even imitating the pattern of bricks layout using paint. This resurgence in the demand of bricks makes sure that it will not die out anytime soon. Being as iconic as The Beatles or bacon and eggs, it’s only right for us to give the humble brick its own segment by looking at the history of the humble piece of building material. Read More

Brick Contractors in Tulsa OK and the Art of Masonry

April 6, 2018

Ever wondered why masonry construction is such a big deal in Oklahoma? Or why houses in the Tulsa area are usually made out of heavy duty material like concrete or stone? Or what separates masonry construction from regular house construction methods? This article aims to provide you with the answers that you need and hopefully give you a renewed appreciation for the craft. Read More

Why and How to Tuckpoint your Masonry

February 6, 2018

Bricks as a construction and siding material are an excellent choice for projects whether they be commercial or residential. Like many other construction materials, proper maintenance is vital. Your house in Tulsa’s masonry design won’t last you long without proper upkeep and care. Read More

Do You Need Masonry Repair? 3 Easy Places to Check!

January 8, 2018

Brick1 Masonry is the leading company of brick contractors in Tulsa, OK. We have served the Oklahoma area in all things masonry and brickwork related for more than six years. Our service professionals are reliable, professional and always deliver 100% quality workmanship the first time, every time. Our whole team is dedicated and continuously making effort to live our dream of being a renowned, reputable, and world-class company of masonry specialists and brick contractors. Read More

Should I Build using Bricks?

November 14, 2017

Building a home requires a lot of thought and preparation. Before even undertaking such a task, a lot of things need to be decided. This will ensure that the building and the project itself will continue no matter what is encountered. This is due to a clear vision of what the finished product should be and how to achieve that. One of the biggest considerations you will have when building your home would be to determine if you would like to build it using bricks or if you would like to build it using mostly wood. Brick of course being the more durable, is my way to go. Getting in touch with a brick contractor in Tulsa OK is a must! Brick 1 Masonry rises above the competition as our experience and finished work speaks for itself.

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Brick Pattern Layouts for Your Pathway

October 20, 2017

Have you ever found yourself, strolling down a pathway, looking at the way the brick was layed out, and thought to yourself it’s both beautiful and intriguing at the same time? In this lifetime, most of us probably have. We personally love brick layouts that have a specific pattern that looks so meticulously and uniquely laid out. There’s just something so cool about the way bricks fit perfectly together, like puzzle pieces, each one positioned just right so that the entire floor is perfectly and evenly covered. Read More

Tips in Choosing Brick Contractors

September 19, 2017

If you are remodeling or construction a new building, you would want quality work done to add a unique and aesthetic look. While do-it-yourself projects are often an affordable option, it is best to hire a professional who has the best skill for the job. For instance, if you wish to add a patio or brick wall to your outdoor living space, it may be too large of a project for someone to undertake on their own. Regardless of whether you know what you want or if you only have a vague idea, choosing reputable brick contractors in Tulsa, OK can ensure you positive results. Read More