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Tulsa Masonry and Brickwork Construction Information, Ideas and Suggestions

Wood VS Masonry: Why The Latter Is More Beneficial For You And Your Wallet!

November 16, 2018

With the high prices taking their toll on American citizens these days, it’s common to see people opting NOT to hire a masonry contractor for their homes and instead, settle for the usual general contractor. It’s totally understandable to go for the more convenient option. But what most people do not see are the benefits that one can get when hiring a masonry specialist, both for construction and masonry repair in places like Tulsa as well as in other areas across the country. There are numerous advantages of hiring one for your home, and here are the top 5 reasons why you should do it: Read More

Wear – Tear – Repair: Different Methods of Masonry Repair in Places like Tulsa

October 19, 2018

Masonry repair, not only in Tulsa but also in different places all around the country, has become more and more sophisticated throughout the years. Gone are the days when masonry workers had to overhaul the whole affected segment when it deteriorates. Nowadays, contractors use well-researched strategies to repair and restore existing brick and stone structures without having to demolish it in place of a new one. These methods help save more money and time. Read More

Building Contemporary Designs with Bricks

September 20, 2018

Before telling you how you can take advantage of hiring brick contractors, whether you’re in Tulsa, OK or anywhere in the world, to give life to the contemporary design of your dreams, you must first understand what a contemporary design is. The word “contemporary” means modern or current and since contemporary designs evolve with time, it may not always look the same as it did 20 years ago. So, if you want your home to stay at the top of the game today, make sure that you’re updated on all the modern designs we have today!

How do you use bricks to build a contemporary design?

Easy, hire brick contractors from Tulsa, OK or other local trusted brick contractors near you to discuss how you can incorporate bricks into your design to create a modern look. However, if you want to have an idea on which designs look best, take a look at some of these designs:

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Qualities of Good Bricks

August 13, 2018

When it comes to brick contractors in Tulsa, OK, they would always tell you that the structure of a brick is vital for  a proper and sound build. One cannot simply mold any clay material straight from the ground and use it as a building material. Similar to that of other building components, the “that will do” mentality would never cut it. If you want a sound structure and secure the inhabitants’ safety, then you have to choose materials that are of high quality. Bricks are no exception; in fact, brick manufacturers have to abide by safety standards implemented on a nationwide level. If they fail to meet the requirements, they are not qualified for distribution.

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Taking Care of Your Brick Walls

July 10, 2018

Everybody’s seen brick walls at some point in their lives. Some have it at home – either as part of their traditional home or as a fancy element of a more modern home. And some places use brick walls in public places to give the area a more charming look while some historical places endeavor to preserve ancient brick walls. To do this, people hire brick contractors to do the work in Tulsa, OK or wherever they may be. Read More

A Historical Look at the Humble Brick

June 7, 2018

Have you ever witnessed masonry contractors in Tulsa, OK work on a building with the use of bricks? Has it ever come to mind how exactly the brick has come to be? Maybe not, right? It’s not every day that we see beyond the beauty of the brickwork itself. The mere look of a completed brick wall is enough to make one appreciate it already. It’s so iconic, in fact, that a lot of people, not only in our country but also with the rest of the world, are still using bricks for construction. The young generation, in particular, rediscovered the beauty of bricks and are now seen buying bricks for their walls and even imitating the pattern of bricks layout using paint. This resurgence in the demand of bricks makes sure that it will not die out anytime soon. Being as iconic as The Beatles or bacon and eggs, it’s only right for us to give the humble brick its own segment by looking at the history of the humble piece of building material. Read More

Brick Contractors in Tulsa OK and the Art of Masonry

April 6, 2018

Ever wondered why masonry construction is such a big deal in Oklahoma? Or why houses in the Tulsa area are usually made out of heavy duty material like concrete or stone? Or what separates masonry construction from regular house construction methods? This article aims to provide you with the answers that you need and hopefully give you a renewed appreciation for the craft. Read More

Why and How to Tuckpoint your Masonry

February 6, 2018

Bricks as a construction and siding material are an excellent choice for projects whether they be commercial or residential. Like many other construction materials, proper maintenance is vital. Your house in Tulsa’s masonry design won’t last you long without proper upkeep and care. Read More

Do You Need Masonry Repair? 3 Easy Places to Check!

January 8, 2018

Brick1 Masonry is the leading company of brick contractors in Tulsa, OK. We have served the Oklahoma area in all things masonry and brickwork related for more than six years. Our service professionals are reliable, professional and always deliver 100% quality workmanship the first time, every time. Our whole team is dedicated and continuously making effort to live our dream of being a renowned, reputable, and world-class company of masonry specialists and brick contractors. Read More

Should I Build using Bricks?

November 14, 2017

Building a home requires a lot of thought and preparation. Before even undertaking such a task, a lot of things need to be decided. This will ensure that the building and the project itself will continue no matter what is encountered. This is due to a clear vision of what the finished product should be and how to achieve that. One of the biggest considerations you will have when building your home would be to determine if you would like to build it using bricks or if you would like to build it using mostly wood. Brick of course being the more durable, is my way to go. Getting in touch with a brick contractor in Tulsa OK is a must! Brick 1 Masonry rises above the competition as our experience and finished work speaks for itself.

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